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Funny YouTuber who is noted for making the popular series Baku. He also does other videos of course. Those videos are good too, so watch them. He streams ocasionally, and they're quite nice. In conclusion, subscribe to this man.

Killer Bean (Jeff Lew)

Amazing animator who made many great productions, such as Killer Bean Forever, The Return of Killer Bean, Killer Bean - The Party, and many other exceptional works. He has also worked on the special effects for the popular 1999 action film The Matrix.


An exteremly talented animator, who made multiple music videos for the popular band Lemon Demon. My favorite video made by her has got to be her fan animation for Modify.The perfect visuals really matches the audio.

Robin Seplut

This man makes videos where he feeds and plays with street cats. He uploads very consistantly and he really seems to enjoy his work. Would subscribe if I were you.


A talented flipnote animator. Very funny with amazing humor. Animation looks smooth and the art looks basic, yet simple. Pretty good animator over all.


Whimsu makes video analyses about alot of things, though mostly video games. You may know him from his other channels AlternateHistoryHub, KnowledgeHusk, or PointlessHub. Honestly this man makes good content on all of his channels, so I would check them out.

Ncs Artist

A funny animator who takes memes and recreates them. Love the humor and the art style. I've been subscribed for a while and I say you should subscribe too.


Goofy ah videos. Voice behind the now famous Quandale Dingle. Bizarre yet hilarious. Not for everyone but I get a laugh out of it.

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Extraordinary Until Proven Otherwise

A very informative documentary created with incredible animation, editing, and writing. It covers mysterious events taken from a United States aircraft carrier regarding unidentified flying phenomenon.

Unturned Release Trailer

The release trailer to my favorite video game. Unturned is such a fun game to play, I definitely recommend you download it. And Unturned is free to play, so why not?

Boneless Pizza | Baku Season 1

A funny video following Baku, our beloved protaganist. In the video he attemps to order a pizza, but encounters difficulties when the pizza place employee has issues with Baku's instructions. Sethicle the creator of the video, has made an entire series of videos similar to this one. I seriously recommend you check out the other videos in the Baku series.

American Express

A really cool accoridion piece. It really does sound nice yeah. Maybe give it a listen ye.


Quandale Dingle escaped prison bro XD. You already know who Quandale is dawggg.

Blender 3.0 Beginner Tutorial - Part 1

A amazing tutorial on how to use Blender 3.0. Blender is a free 3D modeling program. Its a very helpful tool for basically anyone on the internet. If you want to learn how to use Blender I suggest you watch this series. In the series you go over how to model a doughnut in Blender. By doing this you should get some general knowledge about Blender.

Breaking Bad Trailer (First Season)

Trailer for honestly the best show i've seen, maybe ever. Honestly I would start to describe the events that took place in the show but it would be a shame to spoil it. Just know it has some of the best writing, character development, and vision throughout all of media.



Wisconsin Slander

As a Wisconsinite I can personally confirm that everything that this video claims is indeed a true statement.

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